The Kvalsund Ship

The Kvalsund ship is the oldest complete ship ever found in Norway. It is dated to year 690 AD. Together with a smaller boat the ship was found during work on the farm Kvalsund on Nerlandsøy in Herøy. This was in June 1920. The ship wich was a warship, was broken completely in the straits and burried as a sacrifice to the gods.


The ship is 18 meters long and 3.2 meters at its broadest. It is built of oak with ribs of pine. The ship could lead seal, but it is not found any trace of mast mounting. The many parts were dig up by archaeologist Haakon Shetelig, and engineer Frederick Johannessen drew a reconstruction of the ship. In 1973 Sigurd Bjørkedal built a replica of the large Kvalsund ship.